Complete Process To Block The Spam On Ymail | Yahoo Mail Technical Support Number

If users are a ymail user and are dealing with the dominating problem of receiving the spams in the mails then ymail has already provided the powerful anti spam filters to help the user in this problem.

But if user want to block the spam manually then user have to follow the below written steps:-

  • First of all user have to identify that which of the mail is spam and which is the legitimate commercial one

  • Now once user get such emails then user have to block an address that is repeatedly trying to spam inbox

  • For this user have to hover over the gear button that is present on the upper right corner

  • Now just select the settings option followed by selecting the blocked address tab

  • Then user have to just type the address into the field followed by clicking on the block option

  • User can also unsubscribe from the legitimate marketing email messages

  • User also have an option of marking the messages in our inbox as spam

  • And then the next thing user can do is user can report the spam messages to the anti spam services

  • User can also create the filters for the common spam terms

These are the simple ways to stop the spam mails from bothering user.

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