How To Forward Ymail Emails To Gmail | Ymail Phone Number

Many of you want to forward Ymail to Gmail in case they do not want to receive their email in their Ymail account or for some other reason. However the underlying question is how to forward Ymail to Gmail without any problem. Well, it is really easy to get your Ymail messages forwarded to Gmail. Here are the appropriate steps which should be taken in order to forward your Ymail to Gmail account :-

  • Sign into your Ymail account
  • Now click the gear button and then choose Settings
  • Next click on the tab named Accounts
  • Now click on the Ymail account
  • Next scroll down and choose Forward option
  • Now select what you wish to happen to your email messages once they are forwarded
  • Next type the email id which you wish to forward messages to and then click on Verify
  • Now allow a pop up if it is blocked by your browser
  • Next you are required to open your verification message which has been sent on the address which you have entered
  • Now click on verification email link

That’s it ! You have done that by using the easy directives mentioned above. However if you do not catch this information, then you are supposed to contact the customer support engineers to crack your issues. So, it is always better to call a Ymail phone number immediately in such issues.

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