Protect your Yahoo mail from harmful cyber attacks

Now a days cyber crime have increased tremendously and has made it easy for the hackers to take control of anyone’s account in no time. Yahoo users have complained a lot about this in the recent times. One such complaint was that users are getting an email where Yahoo logo can be seen but no source is displayed and as soon as the users go to that email the users are directed to a third party page where all their passwords and other information are stolen and are also being sold.

When proper investigations were made then it came to light that those emails were send from any unknown source device from Saudi Arabia. The particular email just asks the users to go to that link so that they’ll be able to update their account recovery details but once the users are on that link their accounts gets hacked.

According to the sources accounts of more than 500 million users were hacked in the year 2014 and many more were affected because of this issue. Yahoo have faced more several issues in the recent years where users have complained that their accounts are being accessed by some unknown sources and they are not able to control their account.

Therefore, if you are a Yahoo user and you are getting any such type of emails then be aware and don’t go to that page. Just ignore that email and delete it immediately for your account’s safety.

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