Ymail Has Brought Caller Id And Photo Upload Features

Yahoo is regularly upgrading its services including Ymail service. They have just recently launched Caller ID and Photo upload features for Ymail app.

It helps to recognize the person making a call by quickly cross-checking the phone numbers with those are listed up in the email inbox of the user. These days most individuals have tons of phone numbers in their email account but all are not saved in the phone contact list. To avail the new features, the users need to update the app from the App Store or Google play.

After installing the updates of Ymail app for iOS, the user needs to toggle on the switch for the Ymail app in order to permit the new Caller ID function. This will automatically update names in the list of call history or when a phone number is dialed.

As soon as a user contacts you, the contact’s name will surface with the call and Yahoo Mail will update names in your call history or when you dial.

To enable this feature, simply go to Settings, then Phone, forward to “Call Blocking and Identification”, toggle the switch for Yahoo Mail and save the settings.

The photo upload feature helps to get access of the photos available in the mobile device from the desktop Ymail account. That means, if the user have some interesting photos in the mobile which he or she wants to send to his friends when he or she is using the desktop version of Ymail, he will be able to do so instantly as the photos will be available in the desktop screen. To enable this great feature the user needs to go to Ymail app in his or her smart phone, then settings and then “Upload photos” option. 

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